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Affiliation and Accreditation

Quick Facts about CUD

City Walk campus in the heart of Dubai

Opportunity to graduate in Canada

50+ international partners

30+ degree programs

International program accreditation/certification

120+ student nationalities

We will be taking over City Walk’s ‘iconic’ buildings

The next-generation campus will host state-of-the-art amenities focusing on entrepreneurship, research, and non-conventional approaches to teaching and learning. Combining all the essential elements of technology, the new campus will bring a new experience to students.

City Walk is an open-concept, urban destination in the heart of downtown Dubai with hundreds of dining and entertainment options alongside Downtown skyscrapers. Its ideal location, vibrant community and contemporary architecture make it a desirable destination for students to learn, innovate, and explore.

  • Wide range of laboratories
  • Research facilities
  • Media studios
  • High-tech classrooms
  • Multipurpose theatre
  • Gymnasium
  • Dedicated student centre
  • Dining and entertainment options

and many more!

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Your portal to Canadian education

As an institution accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education, we can offer you transfer options to universities in Canada and around the world. Start your undergraduate degree with us and transfer to one of our partner universities in Canada.

10 reasons to choose Canadian University Dubai


We bring Canadian excellence to Dubai - As the first licensed Canadian university outside of Canada, we offer an education based on the Canadian curriculum, giving your degree an internationally recognized quality and credibility.


Option to graduate in Canada - As a portal to Canadian higher education, you can start your degree at CUD and complete your studies to graduate from one of our partner institutions in Canada. We have over 50 international academic partners.


UAE Accreditation, Regional recognition - All of our programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education: Higher Education Affairs, providing us and our degrees national and regional recognition. We are placed 41st in the Arab Region and 8th in the UAE in the latest QS ranking.


International faculty and accreditations - Our international faculty are highly qualified and inspirational in their fields, bringing innovative teaching styles and philosophies from across the globe. Our programs have international accreditations and certifications from CIMA, CFA, ACCA, IAA and PRSA.


Graduate employability - With an education based on the Canadian principle of prescribed learning outcomes in all our 30+ degree programs, CUD graduates are highly employable in the international jobs market.


Flexible learning - We offer flexible program schedules ‒ evening and weekend classes are available for both undergraduate and graduate programs.


Business-district location - We have a convenient downtown location in the heart of Dubai’s business district, with state of the art academic and recreational facilities.


Student-centred approach - CUD is a student-centred university, where we value student success above all else. We provide academic and holistic support to our students through their journey at CUD.


Research opportunities - Our Research Centre provides students with the opportunity to be involved in cutting edge research internationally and in the UAE.


Multicultural student community - With students from over 120 student nationalities, we have a truly multicultural learning environment.

Our Portfolio of Programs

CUD offers 30+ program across the following faculties:


Faculty of Architecture & Interior Design

Department of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

The Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year terminal degree program, that will enable you to fulfill local professional registration while matching the licensing requirements of international associations of architecture. The program provides students with a thorough understanding of the functional areas of architecture, including the design tools, methodologies and philosophies associated with decision-making and effective presentation processes.

Department of Interior Design

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

The BSc in Interior Design has an emphasis on creativity and problem solving, while building professional competencies such as adaptability, rationality and accountability in design thinking. Through interactive lectures and practical workshops, students are trained to design the interior and exterior aspects of the built environment with focus on creating unique spaces that offer a positive atmosphere for stakeholders and end-users alike, in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.

Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences

Department of Communication and Media

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Advertisement

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Advertisement program is designed to develop your flair for creative communication to enter the exciting and dynamic world of modern advertising. You will acquire a solid foundation in the practical use of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and skills, such as copy writing, planning and design, and will develop the knowledge and professional competencies to enter roles in both traditional and online advertising.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Journalism is designed to reflect the innovations of the modern media age. Our perception of the world around us is now being shaped, not only by traditional news media, but also by social media and digital outlets, which are playing an increasing role in the way we are informed. This program will develop your understanding of the changing players and roles in the field of news media, and help you to build the necessary skills to have an influential voice in our future technology-driven society.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Public Relations

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Public Relations will prepare you to deliver your PR messages effectively within the modern communications environment. As the nature and channels of communication rapidly evolve, professionals in the industry need to be prepared to adapt to different communication forms, styles and outlets, in order to transmit their message. This program will teach you how to craft, deliver and position your PR messaging to maximum effect and to operate successfully as a public relations professional in an ever-changing communications context.

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries

FCAD Dubai is home to the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries (BACI), the first business and creative leadership program of its kind in the UAE. The BACI program is a four-year degree established in collaboration with Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication and Design, which has been central to the evolution of Canada’s cultural industries for over 70 years.

Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management

Students choose to study the BSc in Environmental Health Management because it covers a wide variety of disciplines. This degree will prepare you for both the technical and professional demands of careers in the field of Environment, Human Health, Safety, Healthcare Institutions and Research. Students will be actively involved within their communities through planning and executing environmental and health projects. You will also learn methods for analysing, evaluating and controlling environmental health issues.

Bachelor of Science in Health Organization Management

The Bachelor of Science in Health Organization Management will teach you the principles and methodologies involved in the organization and administration of health institutions. This degree enables you to make a difference in people’s lives, where you shape the health organization by making important decisions. As a dynamic and flexible program, the degree combines a thorough grounding in health sciences with the specialized management principles and techniques to address the organizational challenges. You will learn how to apply new technologies and scientific advancements to successfully manage health-related institutions, and gain insights into management, decision theory, planning, employee health training, health economics, health finance, budgeting, evaluation, and the operation of healthcare systems.

Department of Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of human behavior and thought processes to help you excel in a variety of career specializations, or to pursue graduate studies in the field. You will advance your interpersonal skills and develop a comprehensive skill set in psychological assessment, diagnosis, clinical interventions, behavior modification, critical thinking, one-on-one and group intervention, and counselling.

Faculty of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

Department of Computer Engineering and Computational Sciences

Bachelor of Computer and Networking Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Computer and Networking Engineering Technology (CNET) combines the practical skills needed to apply ever-advancing technologies with the solid business principles required to thrive in an enterprise-oriented world. Through a modern educational approach and state-of-the art facilities, this program delivers less theory and more technology-based practice in areas such as Network Security and Administration; Network Operating Systems; and Wireless Networks. It will provide you with plenty of hands-on experience right from the first year and help you to build a strong skill set upon graduation.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Electronics

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Electronics program will provide you with the knowledge, techniques and skills needed by the next generation of engineers. As one of the broadest subfields of electrical engineering, the program incorporates core courses including analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics, each carefully designed to provide hands-on and problem-based learning experiences.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics

The Mechatronics concentration is a multidisciplinary program that combines elements of computer, electrical and mechanical engineering. You will be introduced to issues that impact the design of mechatronic systems, such as the industrial robot, and expand your working knowledge of engineering to include applied electronics and microcontroller programming. With a focus on experiential learning to provide a hands-on approach to engineering problem solving, this program will help you build practical skills across a range of disciplines in the field.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Telecommunication

The Telecommunication concentration takes a fully integrated approach to the science and engineering of communication through electronic devices. It will provide you with the knowledge required to design, implement, operate, and manage telecommunication systems that process and carry out the transmission of data, voice and video signals over wireless and optical networks. Alongside a theoretical education, you will gain technical and practical skills to help you develop into an engineering professional, ready to contribute to the economic, social, and technological development of the business community.

Faculty of Management


Bachelor of Business Administration in Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is a demanding profession that promises great rewards for those with an inquisitive mind and attention to detail. With the emergence of high-profile fraud cases across the business world, the need from graduates of forensic accounting far exceeds the supply of specialized higher education programs in the field. As a graduate of this degree you will be in high demand among employers worldwide.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance

As a graduate of this program your skills will be in high demand worldwide. Accounting and finance continuously take the center stage of any business operations in today’s challenging commercial environment, and the need to understand and master these disciplines has been increasing globally. Our program will help develop your competencies in planning, critical analysis, and financial evaluation, all of which will prepare you for the dynamic and challenging corporate world.

Bachelor of Business Administration in e-Business

You will have access to CUD’s unique business simulation laboratory, where you will have the opportunity to apply your theoretical learning through an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application system such as SAP. This will give you an authentic insight into business processes that will provide you with a head start when pursuing employment upon graduation. As an e-Business student at CUD you will have the opportunity to undertake an internship, to gain real-world experience and the chance to create real business contacts.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Events and Tourism Management

As the sixth most visited city in the world and a growing international hub for business and recreational events, Dubai needs a strong supply of well-trained, highly skilled and creative individuals. Through the BBA in Events and Tourism Management you will learn how to operate effectively in this attractive, fast-paced business context, and you will be prepared for professional practice in your chosen field. From hospitality, entertainment, arts and sports, to congresses, conventions, fairs and trade exhibitions, the possibilities are endless.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

In the context of domestic workplace laws, combined with the forces of globalization, unlocking an organization’s human capital is as challenging as it is strategic. With a BBA in Human Resource Management from CUD, you will develop the competencies, abilities, and critical skills to take decisions that optimize human capital in the workplace. You will develop both practical and theoretical knowledge to help you understand, develop and implement systems and processes in one of the most diverse and crucial professional disciplines of the twenty-first century. A variety of meaningful HRM careers are awaiting competent practitioners in every HRM function in organizations in the UAE and beyond.

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

The BBA in International Business at CUD is set in the context of the UAE’s evolution into a global business hub. Most business entities have a foreign origin, and domestic companies enjoy a degree of international operations. The program will provide you with real-world insights into relevant social, political, legal, and macroeconomic factors influencing international business. You will acquire vital skills and competencies through specialized international courses in economics, accounting, finance, management, marketing, global logistics and supply chain management, while enhancing your communication skills in a multicultural environment.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Luxury Marketing

With no other university in the UAE offering a degree in Luxury Marketing, graduates of this program will find themselves in high demand from major international employers and brands. Dubai is currently the 10th largest city in the world in luxury consumption. With most luxury brands operating retail stores and/or offices here, there is a high demand for luxury marketing professionals who can support the brands by strengthening their brand equity and helping them gain a competitive edge.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

As a graduate of the CUD BBA in Marketing you will be equipped to contribute to the development and implementation of marketing strategies, to analyze market trends, and capitalize on promotional opportunities. The marketing specialization is designed to enable you to investigate the challenges of providing consumer and industrial goods and services to a wide variety of markets.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations and Supply Chain Management

The CUD Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations and Supply Chain Management will provide you with the essential skills and expertise to manage geographically dispersed networks of suppliers, manufacturers, logistic services providers, transportation carriers, distributors, service support operators and customers.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management

Dubai is home to world-class facilities and venues hosting homegrown local, regional and international teams and events. CUD’s strategic location in the heart of Dubai opens attractive opportunities in the field of sports management. The sporting industry is a multi-million-dollar business in the UAE that promises continued growth as more and more world-class professional athletes participate in the elite sporting events held annually in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration in Finance

The MBA Finance concentration will provide you with the strategic leadership and quantitative skills to analyze both financial and non-financial data, and to act upon it in support of the long-term sustainability of business in a global context. The program adopts a practice-based approach, where students examine concepts and learn techniques that they can apply to real business situations in various contexts, such as derivatives, financial statement analysis and valuation, corporate finance, investment and portfolio management, and mergers and acquisitions.

Master of Business Administration in General Management

The MBA General Management concentration will help you to develop the core skills and professional competencies to take on senior management or leadership roles in the public or private sector. The program focuses on the theories, functions and implications of management techniques, as well as the principles and ethics of good management. It considers a range of scientific approaches to decision-making based on quantitative, economic and operational considerations, and provides you with the tools to develop, assess and implement strategic initiatives to boost competitive advantage.

Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

The MBA Human Resource Management concentration adds elective courses in the management of human capital to your business administration studies. If you are interested in human capital solutions, the HRM concentration will provide you with comprehensive insights into the application and orientation of business administration concepts in human capital management, while still helping you obtain the MBA qualification. The HRM concentration is also the ideal program to develop your line management competence, by addressing challenges in ethics, leadership and motivation, in a competitive business context.

Master of Business Administration in Marketing

The MBA Marketing concentration has been designed to enhance your marketing analytical skills to adapt to the increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment. The courses will equip you with an advanced understanding of marketing challenges to effectively plan, develop and implement appropriate marketing strategies. The case study based discussions in class will train you to investigate how companies access the market and apply marketing processes to achieve competitive advantage. The curriculum covers topics including consumer behaviour, market segmentation and competition, and teaches the theory and practice of the marketing lifecycle, from research and product development to communication, supply chains and strategic management.

Master of Business Administration in Double Concentration

As an MBA student at CUD you have the opportunity maximize your studies and earn a double concentration in two majors from our specializations in Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. A double concentration will expand your depth of knowledge and broaden your career opportunities and earning potential.

Master of Information Technology Management and Governance

Master of Information Technology Management and Governance

The Master in Information Technology Management and Governance (MITGOV) program is designed to respond to the rapid advancement in enterprise-related IT platforms and infrastructure. The first graduate degree program of its kind in the region, it aims to prepare students for responsible leadership and management in a technology-driven environment. The curriculum is especially tailored to the requirements of a changing working environment, through a high level of practical experience and project-based learning. Together with fellow students, you will learn to plan and implement complex IT and governance projects and innovative ideas, to take advantage of new and emerging IT services and tools, to benefit your business operations.

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After spending five years here, I can safely say that my education has benefited me not only academically but also personally. I chose to study Architecture because I have always been passionate about Arts and Sciences. At the University, Architecture students have their own dedicated building, including state of the art studios. As a portal to Canadian education, Canadian University Dubai always gave me the option of transferring to Canada. The professors here played a major role in my academic success, with their flexible office hours and always being available to help the students. I’m so glad I chose CUD!

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